The Bethlen Gábor Kollégium today

The school operates in a particular situation and environment. In the last years around 700 pupils/year have been learning in the school. The institution offers almost all the educational levels allowed by the romanian legislation. As a school placed in the diaspora, it is imperative to offer education in the mothertongue at all levels. The classes offered are mathematics and IT, chemistry and biology, gradeschool and kindergarden teacher, and also tourism-catering. There is also a class for adults, with the profile of tourism administration.

The "Két Fűzfa Association" Endowment

has been founded in 2015 by the Bethlen Gábor highschool alumni. Its sole purpose is to seek donations from the alumni(and everyone else) in order to invest it in a diversified portfolio and from the investment yield to grant financial aid to the highschool.

Our main goal is to reach a portfolio of 1 mil EUR within 15-20 years. We see this as the only sustainable path for the schools development.

While it is an ambitious goal indeed, considering that the majority of alumni live in Romania (where the average monthly wage is around 450 USD), we are confident that the goal is achievable because of two reasons: 1) there are a lot of alumni interested helping their highschool 2) we are also counting on donation from others(non-alumni).

Main principles

1) Full transparency. Every year there is a General Assembly when the Board of Directors reports to the members on incomes generated and investments/grants made.

2) Volunteering. We have no intention paying for services (except accounting, required by the law) and all work will be made by volunteers. This will ensure money is only used for the endowment€™s goals.

How is the money invested?

The endowment invests its money according to the Investment Policy Statement developed by the endowment€™s Board of Directors. The porfolio will be made out of stock, bonds, treasury notes and to lesser extent cash, with the purpose of diversifying risk and achieving an acceptable return (4-6%/year). We have alumni familiar with the professional investment process (with CFA, ACCA exams) who work in the financial sector and are willing to help out in this process without requiring a management fee.

What is the payout policy?

Unless there are resctrictions made by the donor, 30% of each donation/membership fee are disbursed to the highschool within 1 year, and the remaining 70% is invested in the endowment portfolio. The payout from the porfolio is locked until the porfolio reaches 1 mil EUR, meaning that the yield is reinvested. Upon reaching the stated goal, the payout will probably follow a rule of 4% of assets value, where assets value is determined as being the weight average of the last 3 years.

How can you donate?

Simply by transferring the donation amount to the associations bank account:

Endowment€™s official name: "Asociatia Ket Fuzfa Egyesulet"
Endowment€™s address: sat Gheorgheni nr.81, jud. Cluj, postal code : 407272, Romania
Bank account (IBAN): RO64BTRLRONCRT0316079601
Bank name: Banca Transilvania

Our contact details:, mobile: 0040 726 284 296 (László Bitai)